Sunday, February 1, 2015


Last week I listened to Andy Stanley's Leadership podcast on keystone habits (by Charles Duhigg) as a culture changing/energizing action. A keystone habit is a critical action that creates and rearranges other habits for the potential to dramatically energize your church's culture. Keystone habits are able to create this new energy and culture because:
  1. they provide a focal point for action; 
  2. they serve as the soil from which other habits grow; and 
  3. they give you energy and confidence to do more
Stanley described how North Point staff identified the habit of "inviting people to church" as their keystone habit. If they could help their people begin to practice regularly inviting people to church they saw power to energize their mission to create a church unchurched people would like.

What was so attention grabbing to me was that last weekend I think Gena and I saw a keystone habit discovered at the church we were facilitating a StratOp weekend with. What was their keystone habit?

Spiritual Conversations

For the past three years we have worked with this church as they learned how to be a church whose members were comfortable with having spiritual conversations. They are still early in the process of turning the concept of spiritual conversations into a keystone habit, but they are already seeing the results. Their baptism rate went from 0 three years ago to 21 baptisms last year.

If you want to know more about how to have spiritual conversations with others order our Sharing Faith workbook.

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