Wednesday, January 14, 2015


"Culture eats strategy for breakfast." While this quote may or may not have come from Peter Drucker, the truth of it is indisputable. While strategy gives direction and guidance, culture tells us how we do life.

So how does a church change its culture? How do we dig down to the bedrock of how we do life as a church and change it?

Shawn Lovejoy, founding pastor of Mountain Lake Church, began Mountain Lake in 2000 as an attractional, Sunday morning, worship experience based church. God blessed this infant which which became a mega church of almost 3,000 people. Yet Shawn felt something was wrong, something was missing. Their worship was great. People were inviting their friends and networks. By many standards Mountain Lake was a successful church plant. Yet deep within Shawn's heart was a disquieting seed of doubt. Were they growing a church or were they making disciples of Jesus?

This doubt led Shawn to rethink Mountain Lake. For the past four years Shawn has been working with missional thinkers like Alex Absalom, Hugh Halter, Alan Hirsch and others to answer this question:

How can we move an attractionally based church towards missional action without blowing it up?

Shawn walked our Multiplying Church Cohort through "9 Steps to Culture Change." The audio portion of this presentation with video notes is available for you to view on the Kairos
website. Shawn gives practical, down to earth advice based on their experience at Mountain Lake. You'll be blessed,  encouraged, and informed by Shawn.

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