Tuesday, December 30, 2014

A Culture of Generosity

How's your church doing financially? At this time of year most churches are hoping that the Christmas spirit and tax incentives work together to motivate their people to give the year-end gifts that will balance their cash flow.

Tim Spivey (newvintage.org) brought his research and experience on developing a culture of generosity in churches to our final Multiplying Church Cohort meeting of 2014. Here's some highlights:
  • Generosity is a big, bold biblical theme
  • Generosity is a leadership driven outcome
  • Rule of thirds: 1/3 of your people give $10/week or $500 or more per year, 1/3 give less than $10/week, and 1/3 give nothing
  •  What it takes to raise money is a worthy cause and a worthy asker
  • Don't plow under your own field by de-emphasizing giving with statements such as, "Separate and apart from" or "you may choose to give your time"
Tim suggests a 2-year process to develop a culture of generosity in your church.

You can view Tim's presentation at the Kairos website.

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