Sunday, February 15, 2015

SEED TEAM - Gathering the Right People

They used to be called a core team. Sometimes people speak of a launch team. But we're talking about your seed team: the four to six committed Christians (or families) who are going to bring their giftedness to the task of gathering new people together to become a new church.

In our Kairos strategy lab training we speak of both a seed team and a launch team. The seed team is your original group of people who will do the hard work of gathering your launch team. The seed team are those ten to fifteen adults who are going on mission you.  Your first missional communities will form around these seed team members. The launch team are the next thirty or so people whom your seed team will gather into their missional communities to give you the bulk you need to launch your regular Sunday worship experiences.

In our experience the planters who have had the easiest time have also had strong seed teams. Here are the kinds of people who make strong seed team members:
  1. Christians of good Character. They are going to be the first faces of the new church. You want them to show Jesus well.
  2.  Competent to be ministry leaders. You are going to depend on these people to carry leadership in the work. They need to know how to do ministry and to do it well.
  3. Good Chemistry with the vision God has given you. Everyone will come with their own set of expectations and wishes, but your seed team members should be willing to follow your lead over and above their expectations.
  4. Sacrificial givers. You will ask and lead your seed team to tithe to this new church. This money will be your primary source of working funds for the new church.
  5. Reaching out to and inviting their friends and relationships into relationship with Jesus in the new church. They need to be(come) evangelistic bringers.
 Learn more about gathering a seed team from these videos on the Kairos website:
  • Jared King, Gathering Your Seed Team
  • Tim Blair, Seed Team Development

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