Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Preaching in the New Church

Preaching is a critical component for a successful new church. Think about it, dynamic, healthy
Scott Christensen, Renovo, 
Puyallup, WA
churches almost always have good preaching while bad preaching many times leads to church stress and ill health.

Preaching in a church plant poses a unique challenge as believers, seekers (those considering belief), and non-believers will be sitting side by side. Good preaching in the church plant must lead and grow the believers, to seekers it must make the word of God accessible, relevant, and understandable, and for the non-believer the sermon must present significant ideas and interest that allows them opportunity to consider God as a credible source of wisdom and a reasonable means for living.

Larry Moyer in an article titled “Evangelistic Preaching” provides helpful insight on the type of preaching most needed in a new church context (p. 11). Moyer says the sermon in a new church should:

·       Provide a message with a clear, sharp focus

·       Be aware of the biblical illiteracy of the audience

·       Present less of the exegetical work on the text (backgrounds, language, history, etc.)

·       Have a simple organizational structure

·       Reveal life through relevant illustrations and questions

·       Be humorous
Ed Stetzer places the sermon as a key part of what he calls the seeker-comprehensible worship experience. Seeker-comprehensible worship creates an experience of both ‘God-centrality’ and openness toward the needs of seekers. “Seeker-comprehensible worship is a gathering that offers God honor, through worship and the preaching of the Scriptures, while providing a relevant atmosphere in which unbelievers are challenged to come to saving faith in Christ” (Planting Missional Churches, p. 263).


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Part 2 next week: Seven Characteristics of New Church Preaching

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