Monday, December 10, 2012

How Planting is Impacting Existing Churches

Sunday, December 9 was a day which demonstrates the powerful impact for good that planting brings to existing churches. Here's what happened this weekend:
  • The Greenlawn Church of Christ, Lubbock, Texas, committed $325,000 to launch their Pathways plan to plant new churches in America. Greenlawn and Kairos are working together to help Greenlawn become a regional planting church.
  • The Vancouver Church of Christ, Vancouver, Washington, launched their Ministry Momentum to raise the level of their church ministry activities as they become a regional resource church in the Northwest. Kairos is providing expertise in ministry and strategic development to the Vancouver church as they prepare for a new era of missional activity for the 21st century.
  • The Southwest Church of Christ, Jonesboro, Arkansas, is adding new elders. Stan Granberg, Kairos Executive Director, presented a workshop on missions, calling, and vision to the current and nominated elders as the final workshop in Southwest's elder preparation process. Southwest is the founding partner church for Kairos.
Any church that considers becoming a reproducing church is going to wonder, "What impact will involvement with church planting have on us? Will it help us be healthier and more effective for the kingdom?"

Our experience says yes, and here's a short list of how:
  1. Planting will help you learn to engage in spiritual conversations with the growing dechurched and unchurched people in your city.
  2. Planting will increase the missional generosity of your people.
  3. Planting will help you learn how to do 21st century ministry.
  4. Planting will increase your kingdom impact in the world.
  5. Planting will help you glorify God as you help more of his lost people confess the name of Jesus as Lord of their lives.
Kairos is a resource for 21st century ministry for you. If you are looking for ways to grow your ministry capacity in the world today the Kairos network is a rich resource of ideas and people who are engaging  21st century America for glory of God and the increase of his kingdom.

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