Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Confronting Truth

"You will know the truth and the truth will set you free" (John 8:32).

This verse ought to be considered one of the "difficult sayings of Jesus." Why? Because seeing and accepting truth are two of the most difficult tasks we encounter on a regular basis.

Confronting truth is a very fearful thing for most people. It takes a process, willingness, and an exceptional amount of courage to confront truth. All three are difficult and uncommon commodities.

As difficult as confronting truth is for us as individuals, it is even harder for churches. In churches it is convenient to define truth as "theological" truth, which by definition is untouchable. This theological definition absolves us from dealing with the "practical" truth of life (thus continuing to do the same thing is a rationally justified act). The result is rather then seeking truth and responding to it, churches are tempted to fall into a maintenance mode until the unaccounted for truth finally crashes in upon us.

I've worked with enough churches to know that for church leaders it is always easier to continue on as is. Yet some church leaders refuse to allow "truth paralysis" overwhelm them. It is an act of exceptional courage for church leaders to enter into a process that deliberately leads to seeing truth.

So how do we pursue confronting truth?
1)  Use good tools.
2)  Work with others.
3)  Repeat often.

If your church is interested in good "truth pursuing" tools. Contact us at Kairos: 360-609-6700 or sgranberg@kairoschurchplanting.org.

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