Monday, December 5, 2011

Team Training in Vancouver, BC

This first weekend of December Gena and I drove up to Vancouver BC to do a Myers-Briggs (MBTI) based team retreat with the McMullens and Etheridges in East Vancouver. It was an insightful weekend for these couples as they explored their personality characteristics in the context of teamwork as church planters.

This year Kairos has worked to increase our capacities to support church planters and their plant teams. The MBTI team workshops are one of the additional applications we're bringing to bear to bless church plant teams. The MBTI provides fruitful insights for teams as the make decisions, solve problems and develop their team skills in their mission contexts.

We've also been blessed this year from the insights of Tim Roehl (co-author with Steve Ogne of Transformissional Coaching). Amos Allen and Tim  worked on developing coaching processes to help us pursue our goal of facilitating fifty new church plant projects in 2016.

2011 has been a demanding year that has challenged us to increase our capacities. We're thankful for friends and tools like Tim Roehl and the MBTI who guide us towards the future.

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