Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Connecting call and vision

There's a commonality we've seen among church planters: they are susceptible to falling in love with the church they have in their head rather than the church God wants to bring about in the world.

Will Mancini uses the idea of the Kingdom Concept in his book Church Unique to bring reality to vision. At Kairos we speak about a call as arising from the confluence of a PEOPLE, a PLACE and a PASSION for both. Will gives us a tool to dig deeper into our vision through the 3 pieces of the Kingdom Concept

1. Local Predicament - This is about the PLACE. Will's challenge is to see our communities with God's eyes. We need to get beyond being tourists as we live in our communities. A Polish anthropologist identified our human tendeny to place most of what we see in the category of "background noise." We get so inured to the commonplace that we no longer see what is around us. As God's ambassadors we need to learn again how to see what is around us. Here's a few ideas: a) get out of your car and walk, b) ride in public transportation, c) ride in a police squad car on patrol. These are just beginning points but they'll open your eyes to your community. Remember, it's about the PLACE. Fall in love with your community!

2. Collective Potential - This is about the PEOPLE.  Will  writes for an existing church audience. He calls us to look at the people gifts god has given (Eph. 4:11-12). Church planters see people gifts in their community. Who has God placed in the community through whom he wishes to work for his will and purposes? How do we engage with them? Even unbelievers are in God's plan (Habakkuk 1:5-6).

3. Apostolic Esprit - This is the PASSION. God has formed us with personality, history and reflection on experience. When we learn the people, fall in love with them and understand how they are connected to their environment we begin to develop similar passion's as those God feels.

Will's idea of the Kingdom Concept keeps pulling us out of our own heads and into the reality of the community to which God has called us. It's a worthwhile journey.

Bon voyage!

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CooKevin said...

YES, seeing, feeling and experiencing God's people, places and passion from His direction opens up our love and possibilities, etc. which are limitless when he is in control.

Jesus had compassion because He was with the people in good times and bad seeking and saving the lost.

Remember, the one with the most passion wins, have the most passion.