Thursday, January 28, 2010

10 facts about faith conversations

If you are a Christ follower think back to the last time you invited someone to church, a church event, or even began a discussion with them about faith and spirituality. For most of us, that could stretch back a long time. There's just something--frightening--about "those" conversations.

Recent research by Lifeway Research ( identified the top ways those who do not perceive themselves as Christian are willing to respond positively to our overtures:

1. 67% would be willing to visit a church if a family member invited them.
2. 63% would be willing to visit a church if a friend or neighbor invited them.
3. 63% would be willing to receive church information if a family member gave it to them.
4. 56% would be willing to receive church information if a friend or neighbor gave it to them.

When unbelievers are most willing to consider faith:
5. Christmas - 47%
6. Easter - 38%
7. After a national crisis - 38%
8. After a natural disaster - 34%
9. After birth of a baby - 28%

My friend Shawn Anderson has a new book to be published in March titled Living Dangerously. Shawn's research on people who became Christians as adults gives us fact #10:

10. 84% said the faith conversation was initiated first by someone else, not them.

Now let's get out there and speak.


rightrev said...

Fact 10 is convicting. How often do we wait for the "door to open" instead of knocking on the door?

Shawn said...

Astute observations, Stan. We saw #7 and #8 played out after 9-11, and we are now seeing people respond after the natural disasters in Haiti and Chile.

By the way, the link for my book is:


klh said...

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