Monday, March 31, 2014

Multiplying Church Cohorts

How do we minister as relevant, effective, life-giving churches in this drastically changing world of ours? This is the challenge of our times as a fellowship and congregations.

This year Kairos is organizing groups of churches into what we're calling multiplying church cohorts. For a year these churches will work together on some aspect of multiplication: increasing attendance, adding worship experiences, or starting multi-sites or new churches. By working on these multiplying projects as a group we get to learn from each other and share the resources, as well as becoming good friends together.

We'll be starting other cohorts as this year moves along. Your church may be ready to get into one of these. Let me know.

Discovery Lab this month at Camp Manatawny, PA

This week four couples and two single men will be engaging in the Kairos Discovery Lab, our premier church planter assessment process. This is often a life changing event. Please pray for both those people coming to investigate their possible future in church planting and the interview team as we seek to listen to God and give valuable insight to these people for their future and God's use in the his kingdom.

A New Christian Responds
Recently I received a letter from a man who is supporting a church planter because of the impact this planter has had on his life. Here's a short excerpt from that letter:

I was raised a Roman Catholic and attended French Catholic Schools. The French Catholic God was an Old Testament God with a long laundry list of "don'ts" enough to choke a mule. There was no love, compassion or tolerance. When I eventually made my own way into the world, I gave up Catholicism, and God entirely.

I met (the planter) at the gym we were frequenting at the time, and one thing led to another, I studied and was baptized. I experienced the most fantastic feeling as I emerged from the water. It was as though the weight of the entire world had been lifted from my shoulders, after a long life of sin. WOW.

Father of heaven and earth. You pursue your people for your name's sake. Thank you for letting us be involved in your mission of grace. Amen.

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