Monday, October 7, 2013

Red Letter Month

Every now and then there is a period of time that, when it is over, you look back on it and say, "Wow!"
Last month was one of those months in the Kairos network. Here's what happened:
  • Strategy Lab happened in Lincoln, NE Sept 9-13. Our wonderful friends at the Heartlands
    Strategy Lab: Lincoln, NE
    hosted us and the 5 new projects  in training and preparation:
    • Shaun and Marci Dutile for Laconia, New Hamphire
    • Cody and Micah Balch for Powell (Columbus), Ohio
    • Neil Reynolds in campus ministry at Arkansas Tech University
    • Beto and Laura Perez for West Long Becah, California
    • Allyn and Becky Bradley for Rockwood (Portland), Oregon
  • Planter couples retreat in Omaha, NE following Strategy Lab. We had a great time with planter couples at a relaxing retreat center outside Omaha where we visited, worshiped, square danced, and waded the Platte River.
  • Churches commissioning two new church planters. On Sunday, September 29, the Greenlawn
    Shaun Dutile at Greenlawn
    Church of Christ in Lubbock, TX and the Vancouver Church of Christ in Vancouver, WA commissioned two planter families for their new works. Greenlawn is partnering with Shaun and Marci Dutile in Laconia, New Hampshire and Vancouver is partnering with Johnathan and Dawnette Thomas in Wenatchee, Washington. It was amazing for me (Stan Granberg) to be in Lubbock seeing the Dutiles at Greenlawn while Gena was in Vancouver seeing the Thomases and their team commissioned.
    Pacific Crest team at Vancouver
  • Kairos fundraising dinner in Portland, Oregon on Oct. 3. It was a delightful dinner sharing God's kingdom work with good friends at the McMenamin's Lodge. Margaret Carter, a former Oregon State representative and senator was one of our presenters along with Bill and Barb Shaffer (elder at Vancouver church), Dwayne Hilty (planter at Soma in West Salem), and Gena.
It was a month of WOW!

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