Monday, July 16, 2012

Congratulating Accomplishment

Finishing a long project is always a good feeling. Publishing a book is an even better one. We are celebrating Ron Clark (D.Min. Harding School of Theology) publishing The God of Second Chances.

Ron is the lead church planter at the Agape Church of Christ in downtown Portland, Oregon. Agape serves the city through Agape Blitz, dependency groups, at Dignity Village, and by connecting with other local and regional service agencies. All the Agape staff are trained in recovery and other support services.

In The God of Second Chances: Finding Hope Through the Prophets Ron looks at the people of Judah in exile in Babylon. Here they experienced shame, guit, fear, and displacement. Yet God gave them a second chance, forgiving them and returning them home from exile.

Today, as the church engages it's communities, it fights for people's hearts and reminds us all that we serve a God of second chances.

You can order The God of Second Chances from Cascade Books, a divison of Wipf and Stock publishers.

Thank you Ron for revealing to us a God of second chances through the prophets of old and the presence of God in our communities today.

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