Saturday, March 17, 2012

Special People

Every now and then you get to meet special people. This past week I met two such people.

Tom Paterson is one of the world's remarkable men. Here's a short list of his life accomplishments:
  • Creator/designer of Disney's Space Mountain
  • Filed the first patent for the ATM machine
  • Lead inventor of DVD technology with RCA in 1969
  • Author of Living the Life You Were Meant To Live
  • A Nobel laureate and recipient of the Presidential Seal of Honor
  • Creator of the Paterson StratOp process
Meeting Tom at the Paterson Center was a great experience and deep blessing.

I also met Suzette this week. Suzette doesn't have the life bio Tom has. She waitresses at a Mexican restaurant in Fort Collins. Yet she served thirteen of us well in the midst of deep trauma in her life. Her husband is divorcing her and the custody battle over their two children is bitter. Suzette shared this bit of her life story with me when I asked if there was a way we could bless her through prayer. Her response was so amazing in being open with the tender portion of her life when I had so "broadsided her" (her words) by asking to pray for her. She said no one had ever done that for her before.

Tom is a man of faith and accomplishment. Suzette is a woman of courage struggling to find faith. Both are remarkable people.

Father of all, thank you for populating our lives with remarkable people. Amen

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