Thursday, February 9, 2012

Fund Raising Training: A Must for New Church Planters


Tim and Lisa went through Discovery Lab (planter assessment) and Strategy Lab (ministry plan formation) last year and hit the path of support raising and developing their seed team. 

Recently Kairos sent Tim to a fundraising training event offered by Bill Dillon of People Raising, hosted by our friends of the Christian Evangelistic Association.

Tim Blair is a newly activated church planter. He and his wife Lisa we called from a nine-year youth ministry role to a missional role to reach God's lost people in their home area of Kitsap County, Washington.
Tim came out fired up and ready to ask churches and missional Christians to partner with him. Here's why Tim says every new planter needs to attend fundraising training:

 "One of the greatest obstacles in the mind of most potential church. The People Raising seminar presented by William Dillon is a two-day practical guide on how to raise support for Christian ministries or church plants. The details provided in this two-day workshop provided very practical ideas on how to pin-point the greatest potential donors and secure their financial support. 

"Fundraising  seems a very difficult barrier to most new church planters but this seminar made it seem very doable if the proper approach is made. The do's and don’ts were clearly spelled out and the principles supporting each were explained. Bill Dillon is a wealth of experience having literally raised millions of dollars for his Inner City Mission Fund in Chicago. You ask a question and he will have an answer. 

"This seminar is a “must do” first step for all new church planters as they begin their fund raising work. It will build confidence in you and provide you a clear step by step process that guides you through the interview process, making the right kind of “ask,” doing follow up and keeping a clear record of prospects and active donors. It would be most helpful just after Strategy Lab as you begin to cast your vision for potential partner churches and individuals.   

"If you're a potential planter and feeling hesitant about church planting, People Raising would certainly build your confidence. People Raising is not just about raising money but about how to connect with people for a Kingdom cause. 

Here's my last word: If you aren't able or willing to ask committed Christians for money how will you ever ask committed unbelievers to give their lives to Jesus? Go for it!

Note: Kairos now pays the registration fee for planters to attend People Raising or The Body Builders training seminars following Discovery Lab.

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