Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Easter Sunday, it’s resurrection day and a time when God’s pursuit of people sometimes becomes visible.

This Easter 2,759 people gathered into thirteen church plants in the Kairos Church Planting network. We can hardly believe it. In 2010 there were 1,651 Easter worshippers in twelve new churches. That is 1,100 more new people experiencing resurrection celebration in 2011 than 2010. God be praised!

We do know that numbers cannot tell the whole story, not by any means. For example, numbers don’t tell you that two families visiting the Agape Church of Christ in Portland, OR had never been to a Christian church. One family were Albanian Muslims, recently immigrated to the US. The other family were Hindus from Nepal.

The numbers fail to communicate the joy of an 83-year-old African-American man experiencing a redeemed life for the first time in Brunswick, NJ. Neither can the numbers express the sentiments of people who have been freed from addictions, who are receiving the ministry of healing from spouse abuse, or who find solace in the company of Christians as they struggle with depression. We have heard stories all over our country from people who have found new life in Jesus and are sharing life together in a new church.

Twice a year we look at numbers as one indicator of how we’re doing: Easter and year-end. Here are a few more Easter numbers that are significant markers for us.

2,172 is the typical number of people worshipping in these thirteen churches on an average Sunday.
587 people visited these churches Easter Sunday.
181 of these visitors came for the first time.
212 was the average Easter worship attendance in 2011 in thirteen churches.
150 was the average Easter worship attendance in 2010 in twelve churches.

We’re overjoyed at what the Lord has done since last Easter.

Now imagine this: what if your church was helping plant new churches? What if instead of thirteen new churches we were looking at thirty, or three hundred? God can do that with us, if we’ll let him. Is your church involved in planting a new church in America? If not, why not? What will it take to convince you that God is so pleased with new people in his kingdom that you will respond to him to make that happen?

Please, call me at 360-609-6700 or email at sgranberg@kairoschurchplanting.org and lets talk about how you can become part of God’s harvest work through Kairos.

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John McCranie said...

I just can't help but think... "what if we looked at Kairos as a congregation instead of a network. 2,759 on Easter would make it the 2nd largest CofC in the world that day!

Loved Karl's story. Parallels Steve Sykes' in the Gathering. BTW Steve is coming to Pepperdine w/ me next week for his 1st Lectureship!