Monday, March 7, 2011

How are new churches doing?

At the end of 2010 Kairos was working with 18 new church projects in the US.

12 of these new churches have launched. They grew at 59% in 2010. They averaged 1,549 people at worship services on Sundays

Today, March 6, 2011, I received a report on research on new churches in the Washington DC - Baltimore, MD region from my friend Todd Wilson.

  • 274, the number of new churches found planted since 2005
  • < 100, the average size
  • 81%, were planted by denominational work thrusts
  • 49%, were planted by Southern Baptist Association
  • 35%, non-English as primary language
  • 25%, planted as multi-sites from a base church
  • < 1%, restarts in older church buildings
Kairos is working with 1 of these 274 new churches: Bridgeway in Lexington Park, MD. The average size of the plants we're coaching is 129.

BIG IDEA: the new churches that are  thriving the soonest were planted from a regional hub church that partners with a church planting network (something like Kairos).

WHY?: The regional hub church provides a nearby resource of relationships, mentoring, prayer support and encouragement. The regional church provides personal care resources that help  planters be healthier, less lonely and feeling supported. The network provides ministry expertise through assessment, training and coaching to help them reach their communities with the gospel.

TAKE AWAY: If we're going to see large steps forward in introducing Jesus to lost people we'll do it best by working together rather than working independently!

You can download the complete report at the Kairos website

Would your church like to talk about what it means to be a regional church for starting new churches? Contact me.

Is God tugging at your heart to lead a new church start or to be a team member? Contact me.

Stan Granberg

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