Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Meaning of Christmas

Yes, it's that "most wonderful time . . . of the year." And it is! Who would have thought that one day each  year would become the day that the world actually paid attention to Jesus with some sense of determination to let his peace reign on earth?

Now, imagine what it must feel like for people who are not believers? They must experience some sort of a hollow feeling. I've got to admit, I haven't asked any of my non-believing friends what they think of the whole Jesus story during the Christmas season. That's got to get on my asking/listening list.

Then this week I get an email from with photos in it: three people being baptized in the church horse trough (yes, an honest to goodness metal, barnyard ready horse trough), giving themselves over to Jesus and experiencing the Advent story in a whole new way.

Ken and Linda were sold into the sex industry as teenagers and have spent years now to leave those scars behind. Jesus is the savior of scarred people.

Deborah was a Wiccan believer who laid aside her Tarot cards to worship the Lord of the heavens.

Yes, Christmas is a whole new lifestyle event for Ken, Linda and Deborah. Maybe that's the way we need to approach the story as well.

Bless all of you and may the joy of the world find fulfillment through the one who brought joy to the world.

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