Saturday, December 4, 2010

How You Can Receive a Divine Smile Too

Most Saturday mornings a men's prayer group from the Renovatus Church of Christ ( meets at a local restaurant for sharing and prayer. One of the practices we keep is to ask our server if we can pray for her or him. It's interesting and delightful to see their responses.

For the fall we changed to a different location, so we've been breaking in a new set of servers. A month or so ago our server was Katie. She's young, probably still in her 20's, unmarried, has a child. A fairly typical situation. When I asked Katie if there was anything we could pray about for her, her response was shock. She drew back to stand straight and stiff. Her eyes got big; her face froze into place. Interesting. Was she going to say no and run?

Nope. She pulled herself together and faced this table of fifty-year old men and asked us to pray for her car. It needed new tires and some other work and she was afraid of getting into a spot with her child. Yeah, not real exciting or earthshaking, but we prayed for her car.

Two weeks later our waitress was Annette. Older, about our age, a lot more life experience for stability. Annette shared with us how excited Katie had been to have some people at her table pray for her!  Katie had talked and talked about it.

Since then we've prayed with Annette several times. She was ready for us, but still a bit surprised the first time.

This morning, as Annette was laying out our silverware and handing out the menus she was moving kind of slowly, a bit expectantly. When Kevin Woods (planter) asked her what we could pray about for her she got the biggest, most excited smile on her face, laid down the menus and told us about another of her co-servers who is undergoing chemo therapy for cancer. She had been waiting on us. She had something she wanted to pray about.

God smiled at us this morning, only it was through Annette's face. That was a divine smile.

Spread the good news, Jesus is alive!

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